Artistic Director Jesse Seth Hammel 

While all student, families and guest need to be aware of and follow ALL Polices and Regulations starting as listed on the Right, below are links to QUICK VIEWS of certain sections.

All payments must be made by Cash, Check, Visa or Mastercard and are non-refundable.

There is a $25 Late Fee for tuition ten days past due.A credit card number will be required and placed on file at the time of registration. This card will be charged after the 10th, if tuition hasn’t been paid.

Automatic payment of tuition by credit card each month is possible upon request. This card will be charged on the 1st of each month.

A Returned Check Fee of $35 will be automatically applied to any returned/unaccepted check.

Ballet Atlantica does not “sell” costumes for performances (like many schools) which could add up to hundreds of dollars. HOWEVER, a Performance Fee of $150 is charged.

A Performer Commitment Letter must be signed and turned in at least 2 weeks prior to first rehearsals in order to cast roles and adequately schedule rehearsals.


Class placement and casting for productions and performances are under the sole discretion of the director. There is never any discussion entertained regarding roles that have been cast.

​Classes and rehearsals start at the posted times
PROPER LANGUAGE AND GENERAL GOOD BEHAVIOR ARE EXPECTED AT ALL TIMES -- FROM EVERYONE – STUDENTS, PARENTS AND FAMILY MEMBERS.– ON TIME. (10 minutes early and ready to go sutdio/theatre at least fifteen minutes early and be ready to go BEFORE the scheduled times.

Students are required to attend ALL scheduled classes, rehearsals and costume fittings and are to remain until they are released -- unless pre-arranged/authorized ahead of time.

All students are to be properly dressed, neat and clean for class at all times.Students will always be presentable and “professional” looking AND acting, both when entering and leaving the studio and/or theatre. Students (no matter of age or size), are not allowed to walk around in public (outside of the studio and theatre) dressed only in leotards and tights!

Students in **ALL** levels from Creative Movement to any adult taking classes, are to enter and leave the building in a COMPLETE COVER-UP.
: A full dress, full skirt (slacks or shorts), shirt or blouse and street shoes.
A COMPLETE COVER - UP FOR BOYS: Slacks (or shorts) and shirt and street shoes.

Wearing jewelry in class in not allowed.
Pierced earring studs are acceptable but anything dangling is not. Students will be asked to remove them. (It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of them.)

If a student is going to be absent, their parent/guardian is to call, at least one hour before class time.

Students (no matter the level) are to be picked up, no later than 15 minutes after their last class. Parents/Guardians, who are continually late picking up their children, will be charged an extra fee, as we must have someone to watch over them.

If there is an individual NOT allowed to pick up a child, please inform the school office. Ballet Atlantic shares the building with other tenants.

Parents should park their cars and come in to the building to pick up students. Never block access in the parking lot. However, if you are waiting at the door in your car and the student is not visible or ready, PULL AROUND in order to not make the people behind you wait. Do NOT honk car horns! Never leave an unattended vehicle directly in front of the building.

The use of cell phones, iPods, laptops and/or cameras in the classrooms, rehearsals or during performances is strictly forbidden. Students are required to place their electronic devices in a basket at the front of the classroom before each class and may take them at the end of their scheduled “day.” If a student is found using one, the item will be IMMEDIATELY confiscated (whether a student is using it or not) until the student leaves for home.

Absolutely NO cell phones in the Lobby. Step outside the front door to use a cell phone.

Students are not allowed to eat in classrooms. Water bottles are allowed.Students only are allowed access to the dressing rooms/restroom, waiting areas and classroom.

Parents/Guardians are not allowed in classrooms unless pre-arranged. There will be posted parent/guardian observation days.

Missed classes may be made up in the same level at another time (if available) or in a lower level.

Students cannot receive messages unless it is an emergency.

Students should only change in the dressing rooms/restroom. Have hair in proper bun BEFORE entering the building.

Parents/guardians wishing to speak to the Director or a teacher absolutely -- MUST -- make an appointment.

Bullying is never tolerated by ANYONE!

It is never, ever appropriate or acceptable for a student to touch, push, shove or ever be rude to one another -- or to anyone!

If “it” does not belong to you – do not touch it.

Put you name in all shoes, leotards, tights, sweaters, etc. This is IMPORTANT since most students have the same color shoes, tights and leotards.

Student’s images may be used in various promotional materials, on the website, Facebook and/or other mediums.

It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the school lobby quiet and neat -- at all times.
If your child makes a mess, please do not expect someone else to clean it up.

The dressing room/restroom is to be kept neat and clean, at all times.

NO food is allowed in the dressing room/restroom - ever!

Defacing of school property is subject to expulsion. The student and/or family will be held financially responsible for any damage.

Please, refrain from smoking directly outside at the front door of the Entrance.

Parents and students need to always be aware of all information posted. (See section on Communications below).

Always be kind and patient. Be helpful and supportive of each other.

Save attitudes for someplace else.
Actually, LOSE the attitudes. They do not impress anyone, anyway.

Please, refrain from idle gossip or malicious talk, especially in the lobby and in front of students.


Ballet Atlantica mainly communicates via email. Only as a supplement are, printed flyers and notes are handed out. Rehearsal schedules are emailed AND also posted on the bulletin board.  Additional information is always found on the “Keep Updated” page on our website AND on our Facebook page.
(“I didn't know,” is not a valid excuse.)

Female Students:
Pink leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers. Hair in a neat bun and secured with gel or spray.
Male Students: White t-shirt, black tights, white socks and black ballet slippers.
Beginning through Advanced Female students:
Pink tights, pink ballet shoes and a black leotard. Hair in a neat bun and secured with gel or spray.
Male students in Ballet Beginning through Advanced: Black shorts, black technique shoes with white socks and a white fitted t-shirt.
Male students in Ballet Intermediate & up: Black tights (belted or with elastics , proper dance belt, black technique shoes and a white fitted t-shirt.

Other rules of ballet etiquette will be taught in class.

Female students must wear a leotard (any color) and Male students a t-shirt. All students must wear tights or black jazz pants and appropriate shoes.

YOGA/PILATES: Requires a mat.

(See above Policies and Regulations)

So many times, it can be heard in the school lobby, “My child knows what they’re doing. We’re going to Sanabel Island this weekend.” First and oddly enough, those are usually the EXACT children who need the most rehearsal time. Secondly, rehearsals are not -- just for them

...And Thirdly, the more rehearsal, the better the performance!

While rehearsals are held for each individual to learn and properly be prepared for their role, they are also held so the entire cast can learn, work and react with each other, and within the group or ensemble with whom they perform. Also during a rehearsal, things may change and EVERYONE must be aware of it -- at the time it happens. It is a waste of valuable time teaching a child something they missed due to a previous absence.

In rehearsals, all the repetition can eventually create what is called "muscle memory." During a performance, muscle memory can kick in when the brain has a momentary "blank" moment. (It happens to most all dancers, from time to time.) Because they have rehearsed so much, the body can naturally do what it has been doing in rehearsals in the previous months.

In life, while walking down a crowded street or at a mall, there are people wondering around while on their own private “mission.” They are unaware of you and you may not be concerned with them. However, in dance, opera and theatre, a choreographer or playwright creates – EVERYTHING -- for a specific reason. Each and every role is important or it would not have been “written!” As a performer, from the first time they set foot on the stage to their present performance, just being on stage is a valuable lesson -- on many levels. A first role may be a "spear carrier" or "a person in the village." No one gets a leading role the very first time. They must work hard, be diligent and dedicated while “honing” their craft. In show business it’s called, “paying your dues.” There are countless, yes countless numbers of very talented dancers in major ballet companies who for years, dance in the corps d ballet waiting for their turn to dance a soloist or leading role.

Ballet Atlantica considers your signed performance Commitment Letter as a Contract and is VERY serious about your Commitment. Be responsible and take that commitment seriously, as well!

This should never be a shock or a surprise. Besides here, this is always stated CLEARLY in all materials before a parent/student makes the Commitment.

The Director sets the Rehearsal Schedule

…The time for rehearsals to begin and when they are over. Parents do not. It is not a parent’s decision what is or isn't important concerning casting, rehearsals, rehearsal times or performances.

Rehearsals generally start approximately three months BEFORE a specific production.

If one signs a Commitment Letter to be in a production, it is NEVER a wise idea to plan a trip or excursion during that time period. 

Expect casting to reflect attendance.

Like Ballet Atlantca communications, the rehearsal schedule are sent via email, as well as the bulletin board in the school lobby. Schedules are emailed and posted on the school bulletin board by Monday afternoon/evenings. 
There is no reason to call or ask at the school office

…Or have the excuse to not have or get the correct schedule.

Never be late for a rehearsal – BE EARLY (at least ten minutes) -- and READY TO GO.
Rehearsal starts at the time posted. It is not the general time when a child should arrive at the studio.
Besides, arriving late is rude and discourteous to others. Remember tardiness affects not only the children in rehearsals but their parents, as well!

Children cannot leave rehearsal early.

Please, never lie about an absence. Never ask a child to lie either.

NEVER -- EVER -- be absent during the month before a show.At this point, no matter the reason, a child may be removed from the show. If a child leaves or is removed from a show, there are no refunds on the Performance Fees or tuition.

Ballet Atlantica does everything in its power to start and end rehearsals ON TIME. However, sometimes they may run over a bit.
Here are the one of the main reasons why: Students are late and extra time must be taken to help children who were previously absent to catch up.

Scheduled family events my happen. Ballet Atlantica understands. One exception can be made.
On the other hand these kinds of things are known -- well in advance. These types of absences should be discussed with the Director also – well in advance.

“Rights of Passage” events in a student’s life happen. Extra time off may be given for personal/family Graduations, Homecoming, personal Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, personal Quinceaneras, Proms, First School Dances and such.
As a simple guest, Ballet Atlantica is NOT very lenient. Remember: One can always explain to a party host exactly why they might be a few minutes late for a party or a dinner. That host will understand.It is imperative for any child to learn that a commitment, of any kind, is most important. The first and main people from whom they learn this are their parents.

Understandably, with this type of ethical, responsible and correct behavior -- keeping a commitment can be difficult, at best. it is the right thing to do.

IMPORTANT: When casting for other productions, rehearsal attendance and punctuality is ALWAYS a huge factor in decisions. Like in life, what one does now DOES affect them later.

Costume fittings are MANDATORY – NEVER AN OPTION!

Be ON-TIME. When one is late for a costume fitting, it makes everyone after them to wait.

Costumes are very expensive! Some costumes used for Ballet Atlantica productions can cost over $1000.00.

Take care of and treat the costumes with respect.

Never – EVER --sit on the floor while in costumes.

Never – EVER eat or smoke while in costume.

Take care of the costumes!

ALL dancers and performers are to check-in at the assigned time when they arrive. They are also to check-out when they leave.

No one can leave “early.”

No one is ever allowed backstage except for registered volunteers.

No one is allowed in the theatre during rehearsals. Luckily there is plenty to do and places to go near the theatre while waiting.

Once younger students are dropped off and checked in at stage door, they will be assisted.When students have been dropped off, there will be no need for parents to go back to dressing areas (NO EXCEPTIONS). There are volunteers to assist and monitor children during this time.

There is no reason to send snacks or food, especially during shows.

Please, feed children a proper meal before they arrive.

However, DO send them with a few bottles of water.

Do not ask guests to come backstage before the show, during intermission or after the show. Meet your guests at the stage door AFTER the show.

Never ask a guest to come inside a dressing room. Even though you might be comfortable with it, others are NOT. Please, do not place your dressing room mates in an awkward situation by even asking them if it is all right. It’s NOT!
No one is allowed backstage anyway!

Make -up is required to be worn by ALL performers -- BOTH male and female!

If it is a Dress-Tech or a Full Dress Rehearsal, full make-up, costumes, head pieces are to be worn unless otherwise posted.

Come prepared.
Being prepared means having your own: Make-up, make-up remover, false eye lashes, eye lash glue, hair spray, gel, bobby pins, extra tights, leotards, dance belts, shoes, socks, towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo, etc.If you don’t know what you need, ask.

Do not bring anything of value to the theatre.

NO music in the dressing rooms after hour call. ALSO, starting at hour call, the use of cell phones, iPods, laptops and/or any other electronic devices backstage or in the dressing rooms during rehearsals or performances is strictly forbidden. If a student is found using one, the item will be confiscated until the student leaves for home.

No roaming in the halls.

No screaming, yelling, singing in dressing rooms or the hallways.

Be thoughtful and polite when taking pictures and “selfies” in dressing room.Do not tape anything to the dressing room walls or doors.

Do not write on the mirrors.Keep dressings rooms neat and orderly – at all times.If the garbage becomes full, ask for it to get emptied or do it yourself!

No eating or drinking in the dressing rooms.Be ready to go on stage – at all times.

Never have someone search for you.

Costumes and headpieces are to be PROPERLY hung up DIRECTLY after use.
Do not wait until later and NEVER leave a costume on the floor or balled up in a chair!

No eating, drinking or smoking while in costume. Water is acceptable.

Never sit on the floor while in costume -- EVER!
Please, do not look at an adult or person in charge like they are from another planet or talking another language when they ask you to get off the floor while you are in costume.

Do not hang out backstage to “watch the show.”
If you are not directly going on stage, stay in the hall or dressing room.

It is a performer’s personal responsibility to check their own personal props -- at least twice --BEFORE the show starts.

Do not touch props or scenery. If you do not personally wear it or use it on stage – do not touch it!

Do not hang on lighting equipment.

Do not stand in front to the lights.

Do not talk backstage during rehearsals and performances.

Do not leave warmers and sweaters ON THE FLOOR backstage.

Do not bring cups of water or food backstage.
Water bottles with lids/caps are all right BUT never, leave them open and/or on the floor. Take them back to the dressing room or put them in the garbage when you are finished.

Treat backstage help and stage hands with the utmost respect.
The show cannot happen without them.
Remember: They have their own jobs to do. They are neither personal maids nor servants.

Always be kind and patient. Be helpful and supportive of each other.

ALWAYS Leave the dressing room cleaner and neater then you found it.
(Hint: If you constantly clean up after yourself. The easier it is at the end.)

During show days: No one can leave the dressing room until it is neat and ALL costumes and head pieces are properly hung up.

After the last show: No one can leave the theatre until the dressing room is neat, the trash and hair pins, etc. are picked up off the floor AND the counters are wiped clean!

After the performance, everyone must be checked out individually at the backstage desk.

Do NOT crowd around the backstage door. Leave several feet of space.

Please have hair in a bun.
If a parent is not sure how to do it, then please send the child with hair down and make sure they send supplies (brush, pins, gel AND spray) for volunteers to assist with hair accordingly.

Make-up must be applied BEFORE arriving at the theatre for performances.

Please, take note of the following policies regarding ticket sales, theatre etiquette and photography.


No Babes-in-arms. Everyone attending a performance, no matter his or her size or age -- must have a paid ticket.

No duplication for lost or stolen tickets.


Performances start -- ON TIME
There is no such thing as fashionably late, when attending a performance.
ALL Reservations are held until curtain.
Latecomers will be seated in the back of the theatre as to not disturb and impose upon other patrons who arrived early and on time. At intermission, latecomers may then take their assigned seats.

Flash photography, videotaping and/or the use of recording devices of any kind (including cell phone and ipad cameras) is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught using a camera may asked to leave the theatre.
Photographs and DVD's can be purchased a few weeks after productions.

Turn off your cell phones before the performance begins.No food or drinks in the theatre auditorium.

Crying, unruly or loud children may be asked to leave the theatre.

Remain in your seats until all of the lights are on in the auditorium.

No one is ever allowed backstage. Meet family and friends at the outside stage door after the performance.


​Ballet Atlantica, Building Landlord and/or the Theatre is not responsible for stolen or lost items or damage to vehicles in the parking lot.Everything about Ballet Atlantica -- Productions, Printed Materials, Website, and Facebook Content -- is copyrighted ©. Copying and/or reproduction of any kind is strictly prohibited!This INCLUDES the taking of photographs during performances!Ballet Atlantica does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, age marital status or sexual orientation

Ballet Atlantica, Building Landlord and/or the Theatre is not responsible for stolen or lost items or damage to vehicles in the parking lot.

Everything about Ballet Atlantica -- Productions, Printed Materials, Website, and Facebook Content -- is copyrighted ©. Copying and/or reproduction of any kind is strictly prohibited!

This INCLUDES the taking of photographs during performances!

Ballet Atlantica does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, age marital status or sexual orientation.


Ballet Atlantica, like all schools and organizations, has a list of rules and regulations. This list allows everyone who takes classes and uses the facility know what is expected of them on a daily basis. They also keep order and neatness which helps with the discipline of dance.

Please note that this page has ALL Policies and Regulations. There are also links to "Quick Views" which quickly take one to certain sections of the list. (Please remember: Everyone is expected to know ALL the Policies and Regulations.)



There is a non-refundable Registration Fee of $30 per student/$50 per family for the Regular School Year. Summer Classes require a $20.00 non-refundable Registration Fee for all students, as well.

Tuition is based on the full Ten Month Session and is due at time of registration. Monthly Tuition can be arranged.

Regardless of how many classes there are in each month or how many classes are missed, monthly tuition is the same and is due by the first day of each month.If a student discontinues attending before the end of the school year, two month’s tuition will be charged.

When registering, Registration Fee (non - refundable) and First Two Month's Tuition MUST also be paid IN ADVANCE.

No bills are sent. It is your responsibility to pay by the first of the month.

Full tuition MUST be paid whether a student misses a class for any reason. (Just as when a child is attending a private academic school).