Artistic Director Jesse Seth Hammel 

Artistic Director Jesse Seth Hammel (Ballet, Modern/Contemporary, Choreographer, Yoga) Mr. Hammel was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and soon after, his family re-located to Desoto, Kansas. As a child, it was clear he had an aptitude for acrobatics so his family enrolled him in Gymnastics classes at the age of 7 years. When he was 10 years old, his family re-located to sunny South Florida where he continued studying Gymnastics at Margate's International School of Gymnastics and later at Gold Coast Gymnastics here in the Palm Beaches...

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Lois Hammel has been involved in the arts community for over 34 years. After moving here from Kansas in 1980, she became involved with the Palm Beach Opera and Masterworks Chorus as a singer and performer. In the business world, she has had the experience of sharing her administrative abilities within various high-level professions: medical doctors, attorneys, dentists, an investment broker, collection agency, and tennis contractors. In addition to her daily professional duties, she managed her own business, “Lois Tennis Court Supplies” for 15 years.

With Ms. Hammel's incredible knowledge of how businesses function, she began working with the famed Academy of Ballet Florida. She performed many roles and duties while honing her skills at telephone reception, registration, collection of tuition, bookkeeping and keeping track of attendance of over 300 students a year. She also helped with scheduling, assisting with the Academy's performances and social events. Lois was also known and loved for committing personal time with dance students and parents. She stayed at the Academy for over 14 years until the company and school closed. 

Directly after Academy of Ballet Florida closed, she worked with Paris Ballet and Dance in Jupiter as their School Administrator. She assisted on many administrative levels for three and a half years. 

According to Lois Hammel, the best working time of her life has been spent guiding students and parents through the dynamic atmosphere of a thriving dance studio. With her  knowledge and experience, it has long been a dream of Lois and her grandson Jesse to work together in their own studio. After many years, the dream has been fulfilled at Ballet Atlantica.